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Espadrille sandals for women

Every summer, sandals become an essential item of clothing, especially since jute sandals can be worn for a long time, since the good weather in our country tends to last beyond the summer months.

With the arrival of the sun, that spirit that pushes us to make life on the street appears in all Mediterraneans; on terraces and beaches, in parks. Our spring-summer designs speak of that, of shoes that offer a smile at work and adventure at leisure. That carry you and define you.

With your feet on the ground and with the good predisposition for life that comes from feeling comfortable, the sandal returns to your closet with a design and colors that will define your style.

At AbarcaShoes we have launched a new collection of jute sandals , which has also been very well received by the female audience. For example, it has been the model chosen by important models and influencers from the fashion world, such as the journalist Sara Carbonero who wore our jute sandal model " Terra Formentera black " or the Instagramer Katy Gamarra who opted for the " Terra Formentera Cuero ".

sara carbonero black sandals covers

Many of you came to our store located in Madrid on Calle Almirante (number 8) or to any of our 400 points of sale, asking for esparto espadrilles , but finally the public is delighted with the best advantages and qualities that jute presents, a very similar material but that has the advantage of being more breathable and ecological, as well as much more resistant.

It is also a recurring question in our online store where you will find the latest models of jute-soled sandals that are delighting our customers, due to their combination of being an artisan product made by hand and with Spanish materials and the avant-garde in in terms of design, as well as its variety of colors and above all comfort.

Women's esparto sandals have been designed so that they can be worn on many occasions, both on more informal or casual occasions and on more formal occasions or evening dresses.

The materials with which the Abarca Shoes women's sandals are made make them the ideal sandals for summer. Breathable and comfortable with a design and bright colors that are easy to combine.

A classic with reinvented design, this is our culture.

Jute sandals for women Abarca

For this collection we have launched 3 models, inspired by the islands of our geography. You can buy them all in our online store AbarcaShoes.com with free shipping throughout Spain in 48 hours.

jute sandals for women

So you can enjoy the Ibiza model (in maroon, brown and taupe colors).

The Menorca model, undoubtedly a must for this summer, after the great reception it has had in fashion magazines and among influencers in the world of fashion, also available in various colors (camel, black, leather, khaki) and in two types of fabric (leather and cotton).

The Pascale Domino model, which is characterized by being a unisex model that can be worn by both men and women. And also available in various colors such as blue, red and cream.

And finally, another of our star products, the wedge sandals for women , our Mallorca model, which has been widely distributed in fashion magazines and which are another of the favorite models of the journalist Sara Carbonero, who already wore them this summer during your holidays in the Portuguese Algarve. The Mallorca model is available in black, yellow and grey.

sara and iker sandals covers shoes

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