Start summer with swimsuits from Abarca Shoes

Men's swimsuits. Style, design and color

Abarca Shoes jumps into the pool with a collection of men's swimwear with the brand's highly recognizable style. We wanted to emphasize comfort, simplicity, functionality, elegance and, of course, color.

swimwear covers shoes

swimwear covers shoes

Swimsuits made to fit well

The swimsuits continue the line of purity and elegance marked by the espadrilles and the belts. We have opted for top quality materials such as nylon or cotton. Abarca Shoes thus achieves the perfect garment for today's man in summer. An indispensable piece where the leading role falls on whoever wears it.

Pleasant to the touch, made to fit well, rich in details, and made with the latest generation fabrics. These men's swimsuits are made of 100% nylon material from Italy. For its part, the panty is made up of 60% cotton of Spanish origin and 40% also of nylon fiber. Men's swimsuits with a natural fall. The design of its pattern allows it to always maintain its shape. Abarca wants to dress that man who wants to feel elegant both in and out of the water.

Click on the photo of the swimsuit to go to its product sheet in our online store. There are 10 colors available.

Men's light blue swimsuit Red swimsuit for men Bañador azul marino hombre Bañador verde hombre Bañador azul hombre Bañador rayas verdes hombre Bañador rayas rojas hombre Bañador celeste hombre puntos

Bañador estampado flores hombre

Bañador amarillo hombre

What makes our swimsuits special?

Our men's swimsuits stand out for a comfortable fit at the waist so that we can enjoy the beach and the pool. Its latest generation material allows quick drying , always in less than five minutes. In fact, the nylon with which we have made these men's swimsuits is water repellent. It can be checked by putting a drop of water on its surface. As if it were an old magic trick, the water slips, it doesn't go down.

At the same time, all men's swimsuits have an adjustable drawstring for better support; Thus we avoid the feeling that it moves or lowers us. To increase its durability , the front pockets have been reinforced in its design with seams similar to those of the pockets of jeans. At Abarca we know that men are faithful to durable garments, which is why we have chosen fabrics that are resistant to saltpeter, humidity, the abrasive effect of the sun and, of course, chlorine.

Garment weighing just 90 grams, it happens to be one of the lightest on the market, which allows perfect air circulation. Swimsuits continue to bet on the “no logo” philosophy. Thus, the corporate identity is only present in the letter 'A' on the right leg and in the corporate colour: orange. Color present in the laces, the panty and the stitching. A color that represents the peach sunset of the Mediterranean Sea, birthplace and our main inspiration.

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