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Jute espadrilles for autumn

Today, the 22nd, autumn officially begins, the summer season is over, the season of vacations, the beach, the heat and the good weather. But autumn is also an excellent time, with a milder climate, in which we do not have to endure extreme high temperatures. A month in which nature radically changes its colors and brown, ocher and yellow tones flood us.

In addition, autumn is a time of the year related to good intentions, an ideal time to start new projects, put some aspects of your life in order and reconvert yourself.

In short, at Abarca Shoes we love autumn, and it is a special time since our collection of jute-soled footwear is perfectly suited to this weather season, since in your wardrobe you can share this summer's abarcas (models with esparto grass in different shapes or different fabrics and materials) with the new autumnal collection designed for the cold with leather and leather boots with rubber or pneumatic soles.

Precisely, AbarcaShoes has been lucky enough to be able to participate in one of the most important shoe fairs in the world, thanks to the effort and hard work of our entire team. At this fair TheMicam2017 we have been able to present our new spring-summer 2018 collection and also to advance some details of our new models ideal for this season, footwear for autumn-winter .

And it is that our footwear with jute soles adapts perfectly to autumn , if we ignore women's sandals, in autumn you can continue wearing our abarca models, since this type of closed footwear (presented in blucher, moccasin and oxford format ) is very versatile and can be used on different occasions, from the most formal to the most casual or informal.

This autumn, do not be afraid to continue wearing your sandals with jute soles , since this material that we use in our soles perfectly resists the lowest temperatures typical of this time of year. And in the same way, leather, terra (100% cotton) or raffia fabrics protect our feet from the cold and make them ideal to wear at any time thanks to their comfort. Also at this time of year, you can wear sandals with socks, although as we mentioned in a previous article, now the trend is to wear shoes without socks (you can read it by clicking on the link) even on formal occasions or in more seasons. cold.

Autumn begins! Enjoy each season and try to bring out the positive aspects of each of them and of course, put on your sandals.

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