Abarca Shoes looking back two thousand years

Our firm "Abarca Shoes" has always felt very proud to be part of an immemorial historical chain that spans the centuries. The ancient tradition of vegetable fiber footwear, typical of our land. The espadrille, espadrille or encompass. The archaeologist and university professor Javier García del Toro has beautifully expressed, when talking about the humble but perfect esparto grass fabric that was made in what is now Spain, and that was used to dress peasants, fishermen or miners two thousand years ago. . Thus he affirms, "the remains that have been preserved of that clothing allow us to know the life, work or even sometimes the thought of people who disappeared centuries ago."

In the archaeological museum of Cartagena, for example, specimens of esparteñas from the time of the Roman conquest of Hispania are preserved. The Romans began to use esparto grass on a massive scale in the Punic wars, because it was already widely used by the Carthaginians. The astonishment is permanent when observing that its Roman artisan design is practically identical to the one used today, and that, adapting it to the comfort required by modern society, we have wanted to transfer to our "Abarca Shoes" creations. It is a tribute of respect for the wonderful Mediterranean culture from which we come.

Roman esparteña in the Museum of Cartagena Roman esparteña in the Museum of Cartagena

Looking back to our past allows us to verify that the espadrille or "abarca" was technologically perfect footwear two thousand years ago, as was the printing press fifteen centuries later. A light, breathable shoe, made of abundant and extremely resistant material. That perfection that masterpieces have, regardless of the era from which they come.

"Abarca Shoes" follows that historical line. We just wanted to update it with the latest advances in foot comfort . But always preserving, with love, and as the archaeologist Miguel García del Toro would say, the way of thinking of unknown people who disappeared many centuries ago.

We invite you to learn a little more about our handmade manufacturing process.

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