Abarca Shoes in Bali, among the rice

Our "Abarca Shoes" model does not stop in her tireless search for new landscapes in which to photograph our footwear. It is the turn of Bali, a small island in Indonesia, a point of reference for much of the wholesale trade in Southeast Asia.

abraca-shoes-woman-zebra-bali-2 abarca-shoes-woman-zebra-bali-4

Rice cultivation has been an art on the island since centuries in the making. The terraces where it grows are a work of aquatic art, in themselves. This is where our model has gone to relax before this magnificent landscape, the patient work of man, stopping the rain in various mountain strata. Around, the lush tropical jungle, between rumors of waterfalls and cries of birds of color combinations as carved in goldsmithing. The sheets of water that the sun silvers when it is high and the acid green of the photographic background highlight espadrilles that are fashionable everywhere, even in what ancient chroniclers and pirates called "The South Seas". Some copies of our firm have reached that far, to form a hitherto unprecedented combination. In a very remote place like this island but where trade is bustling and European influences from ancient times are not at all strange, we are sure that taste for Mediterranean footwear as "wearable" for any use as our espadrilles will spread.

You can buy here the Abarca blucher tropic zebra model that appears in the photo.

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