Advantages of Jute

Benefits of jute in our shoes

A few days ago we told you about how Abarca Shoes had opted to use jute as a material for the soles of its shoes. You can read the full article at this link: What are jute espadrilles?

Well, today we want to expand this content by talking about the main advantages of jute and the reasons why we have decided to use jute in our shoes and espadrilles .

As we already mentioned, jute is a material that is extracted from the jute plant, native to Asian countries and tropical climates, but which has also been cultivated in our country for many years. It is known neither more nor less as the "golden fiber" since it is authentic gold when it comes to making clothing accessories, as in our case, footwear, bow ties and other types of accessories.

Advantages of jute in footwear

Among its main advantages for making clothes we find:

  • Shoes of great comfort: since jute adapts perfectly and to a better extent than esparto grass, to the natural contour of the foot
  • Comfortable and resistant sole: which makes the tread very comfortable, so that jute-soled shoes can be used on any occasion and daily, without fear of the foot suffering.
  • Flexibility: Which is of great help when it comes to mastering the fabric and adapting it to each type of shoe. At AbarcaShoes we have several types of shoes such as sandals, bluchers, moccasins, camping, oxfords or wedges.
  • Breathable: jute fibers are lighter than esparto grass, which at the same time causes the jute microfilaments to promote natural foot perspiration, so this type of shoe is ideal for winter, but above all also for summer.

Advantages of jute in the environment

At Abarca Shoes we are concerned about using high-quality materials in all our products, manufactured entirely in Spain but above all, they are respectful of the environment, this is the other reason why we definitely opted to use jute to the detriment of the traditional esparto.

  • Jute does not need pesticides or artificial fertilizers
  • It is an important engine for the traditional economy of economically developing countries
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • It can be used as fertilizer, the remains that are not used from jute, can be used as natural fertilizer to enrich and fertilize the soil
  • It is 100% biodegradable and is used to control soil erosion or even reforest damaged or burned areas.
  • Does not require high water consumption

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