The benefits and therapeutic effects of jute

At Abarca Shoes , we have chosen to replace the classic esparto soles of espadrilles or espadrilles with jute.

Following the path of reinventing the classics, we have not been satisfied with redesigning shoe models such as the blucher , moccasin , camping , nautical or the oxford model , but rather we want to take a step further by innovating in the craftsmanship of our sandals.

For this, our designs are made with a jute sole that has many advantages not only for the health and well-being of your foot , but also for the environment .

If you are curious what jute is all about , you can find more information on our blog .

Benefits of jute for the foot

Here are some of the benefits of jute for the foot and other benefits of jute for the environment.

Jute adds comfort to the tread.

The jute makes its sole very resistant, avoiding breakage or any damage that could damage our feet during long walks.

Jute provides stability.

Dressing with jute favours , due to its stable and comfortable tread , an advantage when recovering from injuries or rheumatic problems.

It helps and provides therapeutic effects to promote the best circulatory irrigation of the foot and leg.

Jute is a magnificent insulator

Jute protects the foot from heat during the hot months and from the chill that begins to appear in autumn or we still have in the first days of spring.

Jute is a breathable material

Jute is a highly breathable material that prevents the appearance of sweat on the foot .

The jute sole prevents the appearance of bad odors, precisely due to its breathability and its vegetable composition .

The best tips on how to wear your handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

As has become clear, the comfort and, above all, the breathability that jute provides to our sandals makes it an ideal shoe for spring , summer and autumn .

We also recommend that you wear them without socks to better show off the foot and the footwear itself.

In addition, wearing shoes without socks, even on etiquette and more formal occasions, has become a trend.

The benefits of jute for the environment

The environmental policy of Abarca Shoes wants to help the sustainable development of society and the environment with which it interacts.

The commitment to the environment is included in the responsibility policy and the best-known products are different models of footwear with rubber soles. jute vegetable fiber

The traditional Spanish espadrille modernized with the latest technological innovations. Jute is a 100% ecological vegetable fiber .

That it is also respectful with the environment following the new global trends that are installed in our current society, since jute is biodegradable and recyclable .

In jute plantations , about fifteen tons of carbon dioxide are consumed for each cultivated hectare, which also releases about eleven tons of oxygen .

In short, it is a plant that helps improve the planet's environment .

Nor does it require any type of artificial fertilizer or chemical products for its maintenance and perfect growth.

The jute espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

The philosophy adopted by Abarca Shoes is that for a classic it is always the first day .

A concept that Abarca Shoes has reinvented once again, without losing sight of the fact that we live in a time of change , is that its designs are current and that you can continue enjoying them without giving up their impeccable quality .

Abarca Shoes handmade espadrilles are made using a strong and comfortable canvas .

It is a very light shoe , with good grip on the ground and an extremely thin sole . It is woven by hand on homemade triangular looms combining different colors.

Abarca Shoes wins in color thanks to a studied selection of leathers and fabrics.

This is due to the fruit of the work of our R+D+i department, which successfully reconciles fashion and trends with the raw materials used.

Most of the collection adopts jute for the sole, making jute espadrilles as a hallmark.

The handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

Get your handmade jute espadrilles now with their high-quality sole that transmits well-being and comfort!

If you want to find out more or see other tips that we give you around fashion and espadrilles, follow us on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter .

At Abarca Shoes , you will find handmade espadrilles with the best possible comfort.

We encourage you to get them!

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