The model Katy Gamarra and AbarcaShoes

Katy Gamarra and Abarca Shoes

The prestigious model and instagramer Katy Gamarra has discovered our brand of jute espadrilles AbarcaShoes and is delighted. An influencer in the world of fashion.

Her looks have not gone unnoticed and she has become a reference, which is why it is an honor that Katy has collaborated with us and has selflessly shown her models of sandals this summer.

As we are delighted with her support for our firm, we have interviewed her so that you can get to know her a little better and this is what she has told us.

Of course, you already know that you can follow her on her social networks:

Who is Katy Gamarra?

I am a 20-year-old girl who currently lives in Castellón (Valencia), but throughout my life I have been between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​two large cities that have stolen my heart.

3 years ago I started on Instagram and that summer brands began to contact me for collaborations, at that time it was not very common, I remember that the first one was for a bracelet and when it came home I was very excited, I think the best thing about being able to work with different brands is to be able to share the ones that I find most in my style and the ones that are most useful to me.

Why do you like the culture of Abarca Shoes?

What I value most in a fashion firm is that they are handmade products made in Spain, since there is a lot of dedication in each garment, footwear or accessory.

To this day, after having been able to work with several, I continue to be moved by each package, brands always surprise you, either with the packaging or with a letter they write to you.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Abarca Shoes and the treatment was most welcoming, and the " Terra Formentera Cuero " sandals are one of my essentials this summer from day one.

I have put them on to get to know what will be my city of residence for the moment and endure the hard walk, and there is no better way to get to know a city than on foot, since by car you cannot fully appreciate the charm of the alleys. And yes, I am one of those people who appreciate every last detail of each place.

You can buy the model that Katy wears at this link or by clicking on the photo:

sandals terra formentera leather covers shoes

What things do you enjoy in life?

Well, on the other hand I like fashion and social networks, but beyond that I want to continue nursing, for which I am working every day to be able to pay for my studies myself, since I have always been very independent .

I don't like to waste money on clothes that I will only wear a couple of times, I always opt for the basics since I think they are the clothes that you can turn to at any time. for example "The white shirt" even with dress pants can get you out of trouble when you don't know what shirt to wear, or if it will be too formal. But that already goes to taste of the consumer!

Do not lose the desire to continue ❤️

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Katy Gamarra Youtuber

I recently uploaded my first video to Youtube, a simple makeup, with a look to go out one afternoon with friends.

I leave the link here:Katy Gamarra Youtube

If you want to know me a little more or see some of the reviews that I do almost every day about both makeup products. like the facial routines that I do, or the movies that I usually watch and which pages are my favorites, you can follow me on my Instagram where I make many stories almost every day

A very big kiss, it has been a great pleasure to be able to write for this blog!

Katy Gamarra and Abarca Shoes

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