We entrust our displays to CEOM

The CEOM association, integrated in FEAPS Region of Murcia , and the Murcian handmade footwear firm Abarca Shoes collaborate to improve the training of people with intellectual disabilities at the Occupational and Day Center of the non-profit entity.

We entrust our displays to CEOM

Some 16 young people from one of the workshops will be in charge of assembling the displays designed by the company Carton Carton. This new collaboration will allow CEOM workers with intellectual disabilities to complete their training with real practices in the El Palmar center itself. There they will receive the pieces that they will assemble to leave the final product ready for distribution.

Abarca Shoes is a local company that has quickly established a presence throughout Spain and countries like France and Italy. With his commitment to the people of CEOM, he demonstrates his confidence in his work and his commitment to collaborate in their social and labor inclusion.

We entrust our displays to CEOM

Together with 26 other non-profit entities, CEOM makes up the Federation of Associations in favor of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy (FEAPS Region of Murcia), which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. All these associations share the mission of improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities or cerebral palsy and their families.

We entrust our displays to CEOM

FEAPS Region of Murcia is the result of the union of families that work together for the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities, forming associations. These, in turn, make up the Federation of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy of the Region of Murcia, which promotes its work to improve the quality of life of these people and those around them. FEAPS offers a united and stronger voice for the group that composes it, representing it in regional and national forums through the state confederation of energy certificates .

From here we thank the media that have echoed this news:
Europa Press , La Opinión , La Información , FEAPS Murcia , Te interesa and La Verdad , among others.

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