Create a trend this spring 2022 with our colors

This spring, trends from previous years return, but with
new colors and, at Abarca Shoes , we have them all .

Spring has just arrived, it is still cold, but when you least expect it, the good weather will arrive and you will need your espadrilles .

In this blog we give you some tips to wear the best color combination for this season.

Find out everything about spring 2022!

What are the colors going to be and what kind of shoes will be the trend?

This spring is governed by pastel colors , those that have been with us for seasons and help to flatter you and your outfit .

And the styles that will take the most will be the effortless casual looks , since they are the ones that best match the pastel tones . In addition, it is about designs that give a lot of comfort and are very fashionable .

The pants par excellence will be the mom fit and the best shoe you can find to combine them are handmade espadrilles .

And the colors that will reign will be the light shades based on white , nude pink and lilac baguette bags .

The dominant colors of this spring will be mainly:

- Very Peri , which is very intense between blue and red tones. And if you don't dare so much you can take the Pantone .

- Saffron yellow , which is very daring, but it will give light to your face.

- Noir (black) to show that elegance.

- Crimson red , especially for accessories or shoes. We recommend the handmade espadrilles red terra blucher from Abarca Shoes . Which is ideal for the casual look this season.

The best occasions to wear Abarca Shoes espadrilles

This spring whenever you want you can combine the handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes with your outfits .

In this blog we give you tips on how to combine them according to the colors that will be a trend this spring. For this we give you the option of all the espadrilles that will be in fashion: moccasin espadrilles , espadrilles with laces and menorquinas .

To combine with a daring outfit , but not excessively with the Pantone color , we recommend the terra lila blucher . This type of handmade espadrille is laced and will help you combine your look with a more casual style .

As we have told you, another color that will create a trend this spring of 2022 will be saffron yellow , with this color the yellow terra blucher is ideal , which is an espadrille with laces. But if you are looking for moccasins, we have lemon 663 leather , ideal for both informal and elegant looks .

To continue with the elegant style and at the same time with a wedge, the black Majorca leather wedge espadrille is great , both to wear with mom pants and palazzo pants or suits.

And finally, with the crimson red color , the best combination we have to offer you, among many others, is the red terra blucher , which is ideal for the most casual styles.

fashions for this season

The espadrilles that will reign this new season will be based on three types of these and at Abarca Shoes you can find them in a wide range of colors .

The jute menorquinas

There are many models of Menorcan sandals for women and our designs are made from avant-garde artists , which makes them exclusive styles, always taking into account the comfort and professionalism of our workers for their handmade clothing.

You can find these menorcan sandals with stripes or women's fantasy-style menorcan espadrilles such as the brown fantasy leather menorcan sandals .

Handmade moccasin espadrilles

These handmade moccasin espadrilles are perfect for both a more elegant style for special occasions, and to go with a more casual style .

Handmade espadrilles with laces

Handmade espadrilles with laces are perfect for you, their versatility and style will help you show off and stylize your body in the best possible way.

The handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

Do you want to know more about this spring and the fashions and colors that you should know to show off your best outfits ? Discover more on our blog and get your espadrilles for women now .

Both on our social networks such as Instagram , Facebook and Twitter , you will be able to find the news from Abarca Shoes .

At Abarca Shoes , you will find espadrilles with the best possible comfort .

Go ahead and get yours!

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