Marry Abarca Shoes! Happy guests, happy couple

Original wedding gifts for guests, Abarca espadrilles

Happy guests, happy bride and groom. That is one of the mottos of the Murcian footwear firm Abarca Shoes, specialized in a classic like the chic espadrille.

For the Spring-Summer season in the catalog you will find unisex and women's footwear. Ideal espadrilles to give to your guests so that late in the celebration they forget about their heels; feel the pleasure of stepping on the dance floor with esparto grass soles, typical of the Mediterranean. There are many details that must be taken into account when organizing a wedding. And even more so if you are a perfectionist couple and you want everything to go smoothly for your guests.

Happy and comfortable guests

Small details are important. And perhaps even more so when it comes to thinking about those who are going to share such a special day with you. It is important that everyone is comfortable and can enjoy the entire celebration without having to regret the choice of their footwear.

For this reason, the detail with which you give to the guests is such an important point. For a few years now, the custom of giving both women and men comfortable, sporty and elegant footwear has spread. Everything, so that you get the most out of the most important day of your lives. Because we all like to wear high heels, but it is difficult to hold out until sunrise with them punishing our feet. That is why Abarca Shoes is making it fashionable to give guests a few pairs of this casual and, at the same time, chic footwear. As they point out from the Just Married BCN blog.

So now you know, if you want your guests to enjoy such an important day as much as you, bet on giving away a piece as comfortable as the Abarca footwear.

Marry Abarca Shoes! Happy guests, happy couple

Ideal gift for your wedding guests: comfort and elegance

The flat espadrille is ideal as a gift for weddings that take place in summer or even at the beginning of autumn. Under this premise, we launched the 'blucher'-type model in cotton, split leather and cowhide on the market. All their designs are identified by their craftsmanship; and for using noble materials such as jute, leather or cotton. As well as a men's line of leather loafers, whose colors will delight the groom's friends.

Abarca works all its garments in a traditional way. In fact, 100% of their articles are made like this, the soles, the cutting of fabrics and the sewing. Everything is made entirely by hand in Spain, and assembled element by element.

Marry Abarca Shoes! Happy guests, happy couple

Gift also for the pages

Another important point is the clothing of the pages of the link. They play a very important role in the wedding ceremony. They are in charge of presiding over the arrival of the bride at the altar; to carry the rings and the arras when it is time for the bride and groom to exchange them. That is why it is very important to know how to choose them properly. But, once we have the right children , the most common question is how should they dress and shoe them?

You will find a safe bet in Abarca Baby. Either because you want to fit the fathers and mothers the same as the children at a certain moment, or because you like pastel and bright colors. This line offers the same color tone in the 'blucher' model. The children's footwear, tested by experts, has a 100% cotton sole and a foam rubber reinforcement to achieve a cushioned footprint. The navy, the light blue or the navy will give them a marine touch. While earth colors will give the pages a more formal style. Whatever the color choice, your guests will melt when they see the little ones in the house with Abarca on their feet.

With its feet on the ground and with the good predisposition for life that comes from feeling comfortable, the Murcian firm is in the process of international expansion. Its unisex shoes and belts are sold in shoe stores in France, Italy and Portugal, as well as in a hundred stores in Spain. And we also expanded geographical borders with a presence in stores in Greece, Morocco and Japan.

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