All the colors of the Mediterranean

Colors of the Mediterranean always present

Something that powerfully attracts the attention of the curious and also of the professionals who approach our collections is its enormous color palette, the colors of the Mediterranean. It is a singularity that, from the beginning, the creators of the brand wanted it to be like the "watermark" on legal tender banknotes. Something that identifies Abarca Shoes at first sight, avoiding imitations.

The color in Abarca Shoes must immediately send a perfectly distinguishable visual signal to the person concerned.

color inspiration

Our brand came onto the market with a “rainbow vocation”, fresh, cheerful, classic, vitalist; as we find in the colors of the Mediterranean. But obviously we do not stay in basic and already accepted colors. We continue to permanently investigate new shades and their infinite varieties. This has led us to delve into the different effect produced by certain colors together with the clothes with which they are combined.

Colorful that adds style

Especially knowing that in today's international market they are not afraid of vibrant colors and combinations that, at first, could be taken as impossible. Nor of course are they afraid of newly created technological colors, non-existent before. Or even colors already known to the human eye but that had never before been used on a massive scale in fashion. Infinite possibilities that we find in the colors of the Mediterranean. Nonconformity in this sense will know no limits.

covers shoes colors

break the monotony

Color is experiencing a new golden age. So say the trends, the most influential fashion events or the world 'gurus' of taste.

Infinite possibilities as offered by the wide range of colors that we already have on the market; and the subsequent collections to come. Colors that allow customers to advance their own personal tastes, if they wish. Daring to break with certain monotonies in which the most commonly accepted men's fashion sometimes falls. Without forgetting for a moment, the attention that more traditional customers deserve. Season after season we have available the colors and models that have been permanently current for many decades and that are still in fashion.

covers shoes colors

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