Blucher Terra (George Capsule) Etoile
Coleccion de Zapatos George Bodocan Blucher Terra Etoile
Coleccion de Zapatos George Bodocan Blucher Terra Etoile
Blucher Terra (George Capsule) Etoile
Coleccion de Zapatos George Bodocan Blucher Terra Etoile
Coleccion de Zapatos George Bodocan Blucher Terra Etoile

Blucher Terra (George Capsule) Etoile

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Size 44
Blucher terra color bodocan, jute espadrilles for women

The terra bodocan blucher model for women is a must for any wardrobe. Made with jute and leather soles of the highest quality in bodocan color, which make it a very comfortable and fully breathable model.

For the women's model, we added a double jute sole that enhances the legs, gaining a few centimeters in height and achieving greater comfort underfoot.

George Bodocan is a French graffiti artist of Romanian origin who has become a benchmark in the most underground and urban art in the city of Paris. With this limited capsule, a 25-meter canvas was used that was divided into cloths that gave rise to five works of art, which were later cut to be used in a limited collection of about 200 pairs. Five different hand-painted models for both men and women. Each shoe being a unique and different piece.

A blucher is a very versatile shoe with open flaps that allows it to be worn with formal clothing: a suit, executive pants or skirt-pants or with more informal or casual models such as skirts, jeans and shorts.

For the upper part, they can be combined with blazers, colored polo shirts or even t-shirts for more informal models.

In the cold months, they can look great with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket in a color that matches the shoe. Normally it is advisable that you do not wear leggings.

The lasts of the Blucher tend to be more open than those of the Oxford, which is why many people prefer them for having a little more comfort to put them on.

This women's espadrille model is equipped with the classic laces that define the blucher. A reinvention for espadrille shoes.

Our Abarcas are espadrilles made in Spain made of jute, rubber and cowhide.

The leather with which this abarca is made is a noble material that gives the shoe softness, flexibility, and above all, it keeps the foot always fresh. It can be worn with or without socks, since leather is ideal for any season of the year.

Characteristics of the bodocan leather blucher
  • Jute plant fiber sole
  • Made with 100% cotton Terra fabric in various colors hand-painted by French artist George Bodocan
  • Inner heel cup in cowhide leather with a 4-millimeter layer of latex foam
  • breathable and comfortable
  • Hand-made
  • High-quality noble materials
  • Completely Spanish products and manufacturing
The terra bodocan blucher for women, the jute espadrille

For our bodocan color terra blucher abarca we opted for jute, replacing the classic esparto sole. Thus providing its own identity stamp, relying on a more comfortable, more breathable material, and above all, respectful of the environment. In this way, we obtain a high-quality sole that transmits well-being and comfort.

The Abarca are made using a strong and comfortable canvas. It is a very light shoe, with good grip on the ground and an extremely thin sole. It is woven by hand on home triangular looms, combining different colors.

Blucher terra bodocan 100% national. Espadrilles made in Spain

As always, Abarca bets for this model for the perfect union between the most modern and avant-garde style with the passion for craftsmanship and the use of top quality materials, espadrilles 100% made in Spain .

With your feet on the ground and with the good predisposition for life that comes from feeling comfortable, the espadrille returns to your closet with a design and colors that will define your style.

The craftsmanship of the bodocan colored terra blucher is reflected in the quality of the product, from which it derives its convenience and comfort. All our Abarcas are completely handmade by Spanish artisans and assembled element by element.

Most of our collection adopts jute for the sole, as a hallmark. A characteristic that goes hand in hand with the naturalness that your footprint provides. All without giving up the high quality of its materials and its exquisite design. In addition, our collections take the blucher-type shoe as a model.

Blucher terra bodocan: reinventing a classic

Our Blucher abarca model is the reinvention of the traditional Spanish espadrille for women or abarca, modernized with the latest technological innovations.

Abarca aims to mix tradition and crafts with a mature and carefree air. That is the philosophy and raison d'être of Abarca, a brand that markets products suitable for all ages and for all occasions.

Abarca has established itself as a reference brand for buying espadrilles online and also for seasonal footwear through its more than 400 points of sale. With the conviction that our jute espadrilles for women are always current, reinventing classic designs so that they can continue to be enjoyed, without sacrificing quality.

ecological shoes

With our environmental policy, Abarca Shoes wants to help the sustainable development of society and the environment with which it interacts. The commitment to the environment is included in our organization's responsibility policy.

On the other hand, we recycle everything that is recyclable (plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, ink cartridges, etc.) and both the cardboard and the paper, bags and plastic used in packaging are recycled. So we offer 100% ecological shoes .