The laces in the espadrilles for children

The choice of footwear for the little ones is always a headache. Doubts invade the thoughts of all parents when choosing what type of footwear they should buy for their children .

Comfort is a very important aspect , just like the materials, the shape… and the way to tie them.

What is better? With laces or with velcro? Or better… without any kind of grip…?

At Abarca Shoes we bet on espadrilles with laces . Do you want to know everything about them? Join us in this article!


The shoelaces are much more important than it seems and it is given when buying a pair of shoes for the smallest of the house.

When shopping, you can have the option of choosing shoes with or without laces, just like sports shoes. An alternative to laces is the famous velcro , useful on certain occasions.

The use of laces allows boys and girls to have better support in the shoes they fit , since they hold better. In addition, the laces give a more elegant and sophisticated touch to the style.

The laces in children's shoes do not have to be for special occasions, in fact, there are different models of shoes with laces that can be used as regular footwear .

Abarca Shoes Blucher espadrilles for children

Get to know the blucher espadrilles for children and check it out.

On the other hand, it is essential to teach them how to use them correctly so that it does not pose a problem and they can fit them comfortably.

Lace Materials

A very important aspect to take into account when buying espadrilles is the material from which the laces are made , since their useful life will depend on it.

Children do not control the wear and tear of the materials they wear or wear or take care that they do not break, so good material is crucial.

The laces can be made of different materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton ... At Abarca Shoes we are committed to manufacturing the laces with jute , just like our espadrilles.

The use of jute allows its resistance to be greater and is breathable , which is why it favors the products. On the other hand, we contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution and it is the perfect combination for our espadrilles.

Do you already know the benefits of jute for the foot ?

Children's lace-up covers

At Abarca Shoes we have espadrilles with laces for girls and espadrilles with laces for boys . In this way, children will be able to enjoy 100% of their espadrilles.

The boys' espadrilles and the girls' espadrilles are handmade and handmade , with noble and top quality raw materials.

In this way, the best children's footwear is offered and, on the other hand, Abarca joins us in protecting the environment and reducing our footprint.

The Abarca Shoes lace-up espadrille models are designed so that the little ones can use the shoes at any time of the year.

Blucher espadrille with laces

In addition, they are available in different colors and shapes , so that children can wear them in different outfits.

At Abarca Shoes you will find espadrilles with terra blucher laces or espadrilles with leather blucher laces ; some intended for hotter times and others for colder times.

The handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

Do not eat your head anymore and bet on shoes with laces for the smallest of the house. At Abarca Shoes you will find the best options for children's footwear and their well-being.

If you want to find out more about the brand or other advice we give you about fashion and espadrilles, follow us on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter .

At Abarca Shoes , you will find the espadrilles of the moment.

Bet on the comfort of your children!


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