How to keep jute sandals clean

Abarca Shoes jute sandals are made with the best materials.

Our handmade espadrilles are useful for all kinds of occasions, but there is something very important to be able to wear them correctly: their cleanliness.

Wearing clean shoes while we live great moments and enjoy the good weather is highly valued. Also, with shiny shoes we feel better.

Do you want to know how to keep jute sandals clean? We offer you the keys you need to know .

Jute sandals from Abarca Shoes

Our jute sandals for women are made following the tradition of handmade artisan work and using top quality noble materials of Spanish origin and origin.

At Abarca Shoes , we have women's espadrilles for all styles and in different colors so that you can find the one that best suits your style.

Our women's sandals are the reinvention of the classic esparto grass shoes thanks to the use of jute that provides great benefits such as stability, durability and comfort compared to esparto grass.

Flat and open shoes, ideal for enjoying the good weather and living impressive moments.

Discover them all!

Women's jute sandals

Why it is important to know how to clean sandals

When we buy sandals or any other type of shoe, we love to show them off because just wearing them shows that they are new.

However, with the passage of time, they are no longer perceived as new by not caring for them as they should.

But that doesn't have to stay that way.

Knowing how to clean espadrilles is important to show them off with pride, keep the footwear in good condition and increase its useful life.

For all these reasons, we give you the main tips so that you can keep your jute sandals clean and look like new every day.

Keep reading and you will discover the secret!

Women's jute sandals

How to clean jute sandals correctly

Finding a way to clean your espadrilles is essential so as not to damage the fabric or the sole.

The first advice that we give you is key: your jute sandals cannot be put in the washing machine . If you do, the material they are made from will break down and affect the good condition of the shoe.

Also, jute can cause the water to not dry properly and the espadrille to smell bad due to humidity.

Being clear about the first thing that should not be done, we give you the steps that you must follow to properly clean jute sandals:

STEP 1: Use a dry cotton cloth to quickly clean surface dirt from the espadrille.

STEP 2: Put two glasses of water and a tablespoon of detergent in a container. Next, mix it and you will see how a kind of soap is created thanks to which the stains will disappear .

STEP 3: Take a toothbrush , submerge it in the generated liquid and rub the sole , platform or heel until the most encrusted dirt disappears.

STEP 4: Remove the soap with a clean cotton cloth moistened with water.

STEP 5: Repeat these steps until your jute sandals are sparkling clean .

STEP 6: Finally, let them air dry .

By the way, do not forget that all the movements you carry out must be smooth and slow, to avoid causing damage to the shoes.

From Abarca Shoes , we assure you that with these simple techniques, you will be able to keep your jute sandals for women clean.

They will look like new!

Women's jute sandals

And that's not all.

Our tips and recommendations on cleaning are very successful. For this reason, we recommend knowing how to keep your espadrilles clean and how to remove a stain from a leather shoe .

Don't miss them!

The handmade espadrilles from Abarca Shoes

We hope this article has helped you discover how to keep jute sandals clean.

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At Abarca Shoes , we have the ideal handmade espadrilles for you.

Go ahead and get yours!

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