Cleaning and care to consider to extend the life of your espadrilles Abarca

The first thing to consider for cleaning and care is that this type of footwear NOT take the washer. This applies to models of cotton as the skin. Cowhide leather should not be wet, because the shoe could lose its shape. Moreover, due to the characteristics of jute, centrifugation may cause untwisting of the strands of jute. So it will be necessary to clean the espadrilles by hand.

Espadrilles cleaning and care

Jute sole, how we keep it clean ?:

Each shoe with a clean dry cotton cloth to remove as much loose dirt, dust or dirt can.

Pour into a bowl a tablespoon of mild detergent or dishwasher. Add two cups of water and stir well.

Dip the tip of the toothbrush into the soapy water. Then gently rub the soles of jute only, making sure to remove all dirt between the strands of braided jute. Be careful when using the toothbrush, because if you rub too hard could cause a break in jute fibers and cause untwisting.

If your shoes are muddy, you must clean them with the dried mud. If we try to clean the mud while it is still wet, we run the risk of making mud penetrate deeper into the tissue, making it difficult to clean.

Models cotton cleaning the top of the shoe:

To clean the top of the canvas sandals, wets the tip of a cotton cloth in the soapy water. Clean stains on the fabric by rubbing with a circular motion. Use a clean, damp cloth to rinse the soap. Repeat as necessary until the shoes fit perfectly clean. Allow to air dry.

Skin models, cleaning the top of the shoe:

You can buy a leather cleaning kit in most shoe stores high end.

We will clean the top of espadrilles skin with a skin cleanser and a microfiber cloth. The indications on the package cleaner will tell us how much to use. Do not use water as it can result in stains. Leave shoes in a dry place.



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